Just a thought

isn’t it terrific !! how we humans are so messy but at the same time so Sensitive,We always try to confront other person that it doesn’t hurt even it does , we compress ourselves, we make it like to be a stone, we try to prove people so much, that we forget sometimes who we actually are,and I think this shouldn’t be happening, we really need to calm down and ask ourselves, is it really we want to be?? A heartless and zombie kind human without having emotions which are core to our existence….🤷

Emotions are our greatest power so Love and let love , be emotionally intelligent💘 ..Only from love we can save the world nd ourselves…


Lessons from life

Have you ever noticed about life? I did nd the moment I did it, told me about the lessons which is life giving us to all , isn’t it about loop of loosing nd winning ?? Well..It is , absolutely it is, but the only difference is we learn a lot while loosing nd a less while winning. Winning give us the fear of loosing nd loosing give us the spirit to rise. Still people {including me} hate to loose… Wondering why 🤔🤔

A flame✍️

नीयत !!

ज़िन्दगी को बहुत करीब से देखती हूँ कभी कभी ! कहीँ किसी के रुठने का डर होता है,तोह कभी किसी के छोड़ जाने की तकलीफ। कभी किसी की उम्मीद पूरी न कर पाने का दुःख होता है, तोह कभी खुद्की उम्मीद टूट जाने का डर। रेत सी हाथो से निकल रही है ज़िन्दगी और आज भी उम्मीद है कि एक दिन मेरा भी होगा ,इस गुमान में कि वो एक दिन जेसे आने वाला हो, ये भूलकर कि वो एक दिन आज के सिवा और कभी न होगा। हर वक्त उस अंदर की आवाज़ को जुठला देती हूँ जो कहती है, जी ले!! इन रस्मों रिवाजो को तोड़ कर, जो कहती है कि कुछ न होगा इस दौड़ के आखिरी हिस्से पर, जो कहती है आज है तेरे पास मेरे दोस्त बस जी ले।।।

# ख़ुशियाँ हर जगह मिलती हैं बस एक नियत की ज़रूरत है।। #

नेहा -a flame

Answer them 

All of those people who questioned on you, on your work, on your habits, on your perspective, on your decisions are deserve to be answered not by words but by actions, not now but one day. They will judge you because they are a part of rat race , they want a secure job , a secure carrier , a secure life, this is what they call financial independency.

So when you do something which isn’t secure in their perspective they will judge you . They will tell you, never miss a opportunity to learn something , they will tell you how lazy you are to do things , things which matter for those but not for you .Nd the best part is they don’t know, how you are constantly working on your direction , what they don’t know is your perception to see things , what they don’t know is the purpose behind your decision .

So when they know nothing about you, why it is so important to give answers by words , why it is so important to satisfied them … Why???

Ask yourself once nd finalize the answer nd guess what ???  you will get wider perspective than them, which will make you …you .


Are you lost ?


When somethings happens to you when you lost, when you afraid, when you betrayed, when you broke & when you alone.That’s when your mindset change in the way that you get a better perspective to be a different observer than you ever been, you start to see the things that you ever haven’t seen and that’s when you get ready to change & to accept the change and becomes someone else who do not afraid to lose, to betrayed, to broke, to be alone and to be a leader of your own .


Neha- a flame


failI failed myself in life and since very days trying to find out why?                                             Today got the answer that why…Because it was me who told myself that I was not enough to do particular thing, it was me who said I am not gonna make it, it was me who was convinced with the inability of mine. It just was me.

Let me tell you, people, ……..when people say to you that you are not gonna make it, that really doesn’t matter n all, we always forget what people say after sometimes, but when we say to ourselves that I’m not gonna make it.This will make your life worst, this one sentence can turn you into the biggest failure in life and there you will be with one regret that you had to try at that time when you needed.

So step back & think again, make your life as you want, never let yourself down, never let your self-esteem down. Just fight for yourself, not to prove anyone but prove to yourself that you deserve better.